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The Benefits of Green Tea

The Benefits of Green Tea

There are many proven health benefits of green tea, which is why it has become a preferred variety for tea drinkers everywhere. The tea has been used for everything from a nerve relaxer to a medicinal remedy. The list of pros for this mighty tea is a long one, but here are a few of its strongest benefits.

Boosting Metabolism

Green tea helps you maintain and increase your metabolism. With strengthened and increased metabolism, you retain more energy and can even burn weight more easily. While drinking green tea, your level of fat oxidizers increases, so you can burn more calories.

Because of green tea’s metabolism boosting effects, its benefits help out diabetics in a special way. The nutrients in the tea also help regulate your glucose levels, which slows the rate of rising blood sugar when you eat and can prevent an insulin spike.

Green tea health benefits

Strengthening Cells

Green tea is so mighty because it is a good source of an antioxidant called catechin, which helps prevent cell damage and increases overall health. With this, green tea has been known to regulate cholesterol and maintain blood flow. It doesn’t stop there; because the tea helps keep blood healthy and thickens the lining of vessels, it also wards off high blood pressure, blood clots and congestive heart failure.

The benefits of boosting cell health reach beyond green tea’s ability to keep the heart healthy. While it is far from accounting for cancer’s cure, green tea’s cell strengthening capabilities have led physicians to consider it as a recommended drink for those battling diseases that target healthy cells.  Though studies haven’t produced evidence to link its benefits directly to reducing cancer risk yet, the possibility certainly exists.

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Easing Stress

With the presence of a special amino acid called theanine, green tea can help the drinker to relax. In addition, the tea generally contains very little caffeine, which helps slow down rapid, stress-causing thoughts. Rather than putting pressure on the brain, it helps to enhance a healthy approach to the day.

Are you convinced to try green tea yet? Stop by Cafe Jardin and get a cup to see what it can do for you and your health.